Bike accidents, older adults and young children

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Whether you have concerns about your safety while biking near traffic or you worry about a cyclist in your family, it is critical to understand the various risks connected with bike accidents. Reckless drivers, poor road conditions and chaotic traffic cause many bike accidents and other types of traffic accidents every year. In addition, data shows that some bicyclists are especially vulnerable as a result of their age.

If you worry about the safety of your child or an older adult in your family, it is very important to review statistics regarding bike accidents and the age of cyclists.

Bike accidents and older adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that adults between the ages of 55 and 69 have higher rates of bike accident fatalities than any other age group. In fact, the CDC says that almost 1,000 bicyclists lose their lives in traffic accidents per year, and this data shows that the chances of a fatal accident are especially high for many older cyclists. Moreover, male cyclists are especially likely to die in an accident.

Statistics on children and bike accidents

While adults between 55 and 69 have the highest rate of bike accident deaths, young cyclists have the highest rate of injuries. Cyclists between the ages of 10 and 24 represent almost one out of every three emergency department visits in the U.S. due to bike accident injuries. The CDC says that more than 130,000 cyclists suffer injuries in traffic accidents every year.

It is imperative to focus on accident prevention, especially if you or a loved one have an especially high chance of becoming involved in an accident. Also, you should remember that bike accidents can cause cyclists of all ages to suffer injuries and deaths.