Is Speeding A Problem On Kentucky Roads?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

These days, it is more important to maintain safety on the roads than ever before. Unfortunately, numerous problems still threaten the health and wellness of Kentucky drivers.

This includes speeding, which serves as an enormous and dangerous hurdle for many.

Speeding is a continuing issue

9Wbon TV discusses the issue of drivers ignoring posted speed limits on the roads. Over time, incidents related to speeding, and especially speeding on the freeway, resulted in the loss of numerous lives.

The issue continues to this day. Experts often debate why it continues presenting such a consistent problem. Many believe that it is because the current fast-paced style of life that many feel like they have to rush while driving, too, even at a detriment.

Why speeding is so dangerous

Some may ask, why is speeding such a contentious point in the first place? This is because speeding is one of the top causes for crashes in general, and one of the top causes for crashes that result in serious injury or death.

When speeding, a person significantly reduces their ability to react to other vehicles or sudden situations that crop up on the road. This makes them much more likely to hit another vehicle, cross over the meridian on a freeway or drive off the side of the road entirely.

On top of that, when traveling at high speeds, the impacts are almost always far more dangerous than impacts that happen at lower speeds.

Thus, the resulting combination often leads to multiple injuries and even the involvement of multiple cars, creating a complex and difficult situation for everyone to handle.