Update on Erlanger Street and sidewalk improvements

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Slip and fall incidents have a great impact on the health of victims who suffer from them. On top of that, many of these incidents are entirely preventable.

For this reason, street and sidewalk maintenance serve as invaluable parts of keeping citizens safe as they go about their daily business.

Street resurfacing and concrete replacement projects

The City of Erlanger’s website discusses the plan for various citywide improvement projects. As far as roads go, the city has two major plans in store.

First, resurfacing of Debbie Ln, Jacqueline Dr, Kimberly Dr, and Mitten Dr began on March 21st of this year. Jacqueline Dr serves as the first target of crews.

Next, the replacement of certain concrete streets. Theta is the final street and Jefferson Construction should ideally finish this part of the project within the first week of May, if weather allows for it. TMS Construction will also replace 200 feet of concrete street on Crescent Ave at Kenton Lands Rd.

Sidewalk replacement and repair program

Next, the current budgeted year has come to an end for the sidewalk replacement program. Construction will pick up again at the start of the next budgeted year, or July 1st, 2023.  Construction crews plan to pick back up where they left off on Fir Tree Ln in the subdivision of Cherry Hill.

As these projects come to a close, the general hope is that it will improve safety for drivers and pedestrians alike as they make their way through the city by eliminating fall hazards on crosswalks, sidewalks and more.