Former law enforcement officer pleads guilty to felony charges

On Behalf of | Feb 10, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

It may be difficult to accurately determine exactly what is happening based on surveillance footage alone. Often, there is a great deal of context that could go a long way to explaining the events surrounding an allegation of a crime. Despite this, a former law enforcement officer has recently pleaded guilty to felony charges in which video footage was reportedly used against him.

The incident involved property that was allegedly stolen from Fast-Track-It, an online auction house. According to reports, a man and his significant other were recorded removing a box from the back door of the building. Items removed from the building reportedly included a cooler and decorative nutcrackers. Prosecutors say that in addition to stealing items, they also tampered with the items by burning the nutcrackers and removing tags from other items.

A representative for the man claims that the incident was misrepresented. He claims that a woman without a truck asked them to help transport items she had purchased. Despite this claim, he reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of:

  • receiving stolen property under $10,000
  • tampering with physical evidence

As part of the plea agreement, the man will avoid time in jail as long as certain requirements are met. He also lost his ability to possess a firearm or work in law enforcement as a result of the plea. Unfortunately, many people in Kentucky have found themselves in a situation in which they are accused of a felony or other crime. Feeling that there may be sufficient evidence to convict them, they might — upon the advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney — choose to accept a plea deal.