What impact can a DUI have on your life?

On Behalf of | Feb 3, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

A DUI charge can do more than land you in legal hot water. It may have serious ramifications on your personal life.

An arrest and subsequent conviction for driving under the influence can damage your reputation and impact your finances. Should you face this type of criminal charge, understanding some of the effects may help you decide how you want to proceed.

What can happen with your career?

Depending on your job type, you may need to report your legal issues to your boss. If you hold a job with a security clearance, you may lose it while your employer waits out the result of your charges. Should you hold a position that requires you to adhere to a morality clause, your employer may place you on temporary leave.

Can you lose work certifications?

A DUI may throw your professional licenses and certifications into jeopardy. If you are pursuing a job that requires you to obtain a specific professional license, you must report the infraction on your application. Some careers disqualify you from the running if you have even an arrest, regardless of the outcome.

How does a DUI impact your car insurance?

A DUI is an expensive crime. Between court fines, costs and fees, plus the additional court-ordered elements, you may find yourself strapped for cash. Car insurance may also prove hard to obtain after a DUI since insurers consider you a higher risk on the roads.

Facing a DUI charge is difficult to do alone. With so much on the line, consider speaking with someone with the qualifications to mount a defense on your behalf.