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Deciding whether now is the time for a divorce

If you are living in an unhappy marriage, you might wonder if you are ready for a divorce. At Blankenship Massey & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand that this can be a difficult decision for many reasons. Like many Kentucky residents considering a divorce, you may be frightened at the prospect of living alone or worried about the impact a divorce will have on your children. The potential cost of a divorce could seem daunting, as well as the thought of a court battle. Fortunately, many issues you might face during a divorce are surmountable. The question now is whether it is time to throw in the towel.

According to the Huffington Post, you might keep your eye out for numerous signs that you are ready for a divorce. If you are confused about whether you still love your spouse, this could be an early sign that there are problems in your relationship. If one or both of you admits to being unhappy most of the time, and if you argue more often than you get along, the marriage may be more draining than rewarding. The same can be said if you have resigned yourself to ignoring your spouse and the issues in the marriage, rather than attempting to work on them. This is by no means a reflection on how hard you tried to save the relationship; you may have already done all you feel you could do, to no avail.

If you cannot decide between seeking a divorce or staying in it for the children, you might consider the long-term impact an unhappy marriage might have on them. Do they witness their parents arguing all the time? Do they see a marriage where both spouses are cold and distant toward each other, rather than loving and cooperative? There is a possibility you both can provide a more positive environment for your children if you are not living in a toxic marriage. You might also think about whether your marriage is one that you would want your children to live in once they are adults. Would you advise them to stay in it, or to seek freedom from constant bickering and unhappiness?

Ultimately, you must decide if your marriage is worth working on or if the better option is to start over. You may learn more about ending a marriage by visiting our divorce page.

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