The possiblity of getting a divorce

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There are many different reasons why married couples in Kentucky may decide to go their separate ways. Those who are still considering getting married may benefit from learning about the factors that can increase the likelihood of their getting a divorce.

Individuals whose biological parents got a divorce may follow in their footsteps. The results of a study that involved evaluating data of almost 20,000 adults who had been adopted as children indicate that there may be a natural reason for this. The researchers found that the marriage and divorce trends of the study subjects were more in line with those of their natural rather than adoptive parents. This is attributed to the fact that children can inherit aspects of their parents’ personalities. Some personality traits, like impulsivity and neuroticism, are associated with an increased likelihood of divorce.

Another factor that points a higher chance of divorce is a difference in the spouses’ drinking habits. Researchers at the University of Buffalo conducted a study in 2014 that found that 45 to 55 percent of couples divorced before 10 years’ time if one spouse drank alcohol frequently and the other did not. The study also determined that if both spouses had the same drinking habits, the percentage dropped to 35 percent.

An attorney that practices family law may assist clients with resolving disputes. A lawyer may litigate to protect the interests and rights of clients that have disputes concerning child support, adoption, fathers’ rights or co-parenting. The attorney also may pursue favorable settlement terms for property division, parental relocation or spousal support. Individuals may seek assistance with military divorces, post-divorce modifications, debt division and more.