Research looks at reasons for divorce

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Spouses in Kentucky who haven’t finished high school or have an age gap of at least 10 years with their partners are more likely to get divorced. These were among the findings of a number of studies that have examined factors in divorce.

Research also shows that people who marry after their early 30s or in their teens are more likely to get a divorce than people who marry in their late 20s. According to a 2016 study, marriages in which the husband did not work full time were also more vulnerable to divorce, and this did not seem to be related to income level. It might be because some men feel that they should be the breadwinner.

One 14-year study found that couples who exhibited contempt toward one another were more likely to divorce. Another study took oral histories of marriages and found that those who spoke negatively about their relationship had a higher chance of getting a divorce. When one spouse had a tendency to shy away from conflict while the other pressed the issue, divorce was also more likely.

When a couple does get a divorce, they might need to go to court to decide on property division and child custody or negotiate a settlement agreement. Their attorneys may help with these out-of-court negotiations, which may be quicker than litigation. Negotiation or mediation also leaves the couple more in control of the outcome. However, it requires cooperation from both parties. If there is too much conflict in the relationship, they might decide to take matters to court.