Steps for filing for a divorce

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Married couples in Kentucky who want to get divorced may be at a loss on how to get the process started. They should know that not all divorces will be the same and that legally separating from a spouse can be stressful.

While having an attorney to protect one’s interests and rights is advisable, it is possible to file for a divorce without legal representation. Couples then have the options of using mediation, collaborative divorce processes, litigation or attempting to arrive at settlement terms themselves. However, it is important to understand the main steps of a divorce.

The filing of a divorce takes place when one party puts it in writing by submitting a Petition and Summons and has their spouse informed of the filing by being served with court papers. In many states, petitioners are not required to offer a legal reason for the divorce.

Reacting quickly in a divorce may be the best way to protect oneself, particularly when it pertains to seeking financial support from a spouse or child custody. It may be necessary to speak with an attorney to devise a legal strategy.

When a party is served with a divorce, he or she should file Dissolution Response after consulting with an attorney. The attorney may advise of what could take place in the court, what documents should be on hand and what steps to take safeguard one’s interests.

Full financial disclosure is typically required next in order to begin negotiations. If obstacles arise that make the negotiation process ineffective, it may be a sign that an attorney is necessary.

A family law attorney may assist clients who are going through a divorce with resolving disputed divorce issues. This may include engaging in litigation to obtain favorable settlement terms for property division or spousal support.