Tips for getting ready to divorce

The end of the holiday season or summer vacation is a popular time to file for divorce. Many people in Kentucky may feel they have given the marriage a final effort to no avail. However, whether or not a decision has been made about a divorce, they can still take steps to prepare themselves.

People can begin reading about their state’s laws on divorce. They can also think about whether they could go through divorce mediation with their spouse and what questions they would like to ask attorneys. During the divorce, both spouses will need to make financial disclosures, so a person could also gather information such as bank statements and tax returns.

This may be a good time to stay off social media or at least significantly cut back on using it. During a divorce, things people say on Facebook or other sites, particularly about children or money, could be used against them. Posts should be kept light and should avoid personal topics. People should think about how they will take care of themselves whether that means spending time with friends and family, seeing a therapist or going to a gym. Finally, people should make plans for their lives after divorce and consider what their goals may be.

Even though divorce may be difficult, spouses can work together on child custody and property division and retain some control over the process. If they are unable to reach agreements in these areas, the case will have to go to court where a judge will decide. If one spouse’s income was significantly higher than the other, the higher-earning spouse might be required to pay alimony.