Payroll withholding key to Kentucky child support collection

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According to the commissioner of the Office of Child Support Enforcement, almost two-thirds of all collected child support payments are made via electronic portals. Collecting through payroll withholding accounted for $24.4 billion of the $32.4 billion in total child support payments made across the country in 2017. Additionally, the OSCE recorded more than 67 million reported new hires in 2017.

Employers are required to file new hire reports within a short period of time after a new worker comes in. These reports, along with other communications with the OSCE, allow employers to be aware of child support garnishment orders and to comply with required withholding of payments. According to the commissioner, the success of the collections program depends on a quality system for collecting and distributing payments, payroll personnel to garnish wages and a parent that is working.

The internet portal for the OSCE has options for reporting payments to workers, including regular as well as one-off lump-sum payments. It also has an option for reporting termination of employment for a worker. According to its commissioner, the OSCE collects $5.33 for every dollar it spends on the program. The goals of the office are to collaborate more with partners, to be fiscally responsible and to build greater communication with the public.

In a case where a person is owed back child support, an attorney may be able to help. In addition to wage garnishment, other methods of collecting child support payments that are in arrears include the placement of lients on bank accounts or residences, drivers’ license suspensions, and the interception of income tax refunds.