Joint parenting schedules benefit children

Divorcing couples in Kentucky should consider developing a joint parenting schedule. These plans can help to reduce the disruptions to a child’s schedule that commonly occur after a divorce. Parents should aim to set aside their own egos and put the children’s needs first.

If the children are older, parents may consider seeking input from them about the final schedule. For younger kids, parents will probably have to work together and make all the decisions. Parents seeking joint custody should be willing to be inconvenienced if it means that children are able to remain in the same school, keep in contact with friends and continue to participate in extra-curricular activities.

When making a joint parenting schedule, one should avoid using the schedule to get revenge on an ex-spouse. A parent also needs to be tolerant of their ex-spouse’s parenting style and avoid the impulse to be over-controlling. Furthermore, a parent should also make the parenting schedule based on their present living conditions and not assume that they will be able to make changes in the future, such as being able to purchase a home in the child’s school district.

Divorcing parents can test the joint parenting schedule for a few weeks to adjust any aspects that are not working. If the parents are not able to agree on a joint schedule, legal counsel could provide valuable guidance. The judge will develop a parenting plan if the exes are unable to mutually agree upon one. A family law attorney can help a parent fight for a fair resolution that benefits everyone involved.