Co-parenting as a divorcee

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Co-parents are considered to be the legal parents or guardians of children. There are certain protocols divorced parents in Kentucky can follow to develop a co-parenting relationship that is effective at addressing the needs of their children.

One of the most essential aspects of co-parenting to keep in mind is that the children’s best interests should be prioritized. Ex-spouses should not mistake the end of their marriage as the end of their relationship with their kids. It is important that both of the children’s parents remain an active part of their lives if possible. Even if the noncustodial parent is unreliable in some way, it is better that the children come to this realization on their own instead of being sheltered from it or having it forced upon them. However, there are situations in which some parents’ access to the children should be restricted or denied, such as when there is a history of some form of abuse.

Effective communication is another important aspect of co-parenting. The majority of co-parenting plans detail how the transitions of the children and schedules should be handled on a daily and weekly basis as well as vacations and holidays. However, it is easy for children to forget important scheduling details. In order to limit confusion and excessive questions, co-parents may want to consider using annual calendars in both households that have clearly marked days for where the children will be staying. This allows all parties to have constant and immediate access to the information.

A family law attorney may advise clients about the legal avenues they should pursue to resolve disputes regarding child custody and visitation. A lawyer may consider clients’ work schedules and housing situations and strive to obtain terms that allow them to spend enough time with their children.