How to prepare for a divorce

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While many Kentucky residents, summer is a favorite season. The kids are out of school, the weather is perfect for spending time outdoors, and it is often a great time to take vacations. For some families, however, summer may also be the time to start planning for divorce.

According to a study, there tend to be more divorce filings in August and March. This may be due to the fact that marriages can become more stressed when couples spend more time with each other. Any problems that the couples have can become more exacerbated, potentially reaching a breaking point.

For those who are ready to take that step, planning a divorce can be crucial. For example, determining how many bank accounts the couple has, who is actually on the title of the house and how much money is in the savings and checking accounts can take some time. Additionally, a person should take stock of what assets they have and start collecting any records that may be needed, such as phone records and credit card statements. Ultimately, the most important part of planning to divorce is understanding the legal ramifications, which can have a major impact on their lives after divorce.

Going through the actual divorce process can be messy and stressful. In some cases, a former spouse may try to hide assets or attempt to harm the other person by fighting for full custody of the children when this is not warranted. A divorce attorney may assist with helping a person understand the complexities of divorce. Depending on the situation, they may assist with creating a parenting plan that is in the best interests of the children and review records for any hidden assets. Finally, the attorney may help with dividing up marital property while protecting any property that is not jointly owned.