Divorce linked to certain personality traits

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People in Kentucky decide to divorce for a wide variety of reasons. Couples may struggle with financial stress, separation, infidelity or addiction, or they may simply grow apart. However, there are some common personality traits that have been frequently linked to divorce. There isn’t any single reason for the end of almost any marriage, and each couple’s story is unique. Still, if people are aware of problematic personality types and behavior, they can help their relationship survive by taking care to mitigate their effects on their partner.

One troublesome personality trait often associated with divorce is narcissism. This may seem unsurprising because narcissists tend to frame themselves as the victim in any type of conflict. They may refuse to take any responsibility for their role in conflicts and develop even greater alienation from their partner as a result. People who are narcissists may have a fundamentally skewed view of the balance of roles in a relationship, leading to serious problems if partners begin to assert themselves. On the other hand, insecure people with fragile egos are also more likely to get divorced. Insecure people may seek out attention from others in order to prove themselves attractive, an easy step toward infidelity. They may also drive partners away after expressing distrust for no substantive reason.

While selfishness is linked to narcissism, everyone can be expected to be a little bit selfish. In addition, it is important for people to put themselves first from time to time. However, if one partner’s selfishness is constant or unbalanced, it can lead to resentment from the other person.

Regardless of the reason for a divorce, the end of a marriage can bring complicated legal, financial and personal changes. A family law attorney can work with their client to address property division and other divorce legal matters.