Can I get SSDI benefits for a heart condition?

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Social Security Disability |

The requirements to get Social Security Disability benefits are quite strict, but they do cover some heart conditions. This includes those you were born with and those that may occur over your lifetime. However, having a qualifying heart condition depends on various factors. 

The Social Security Administration explains that when you have a cardiovascular impairment, it will assess your medical reports to find the extent of the damage and the limitations it places upon you. Limitations may vary from person to person even if they have the same condition. Furthermore, the SSA considers how long you will have the condition and whether it is a reoccurring issue. 

You will have to submit imaging that shows damage and a full report from your doctor about your condition and how it affects you. The SSA will also look into the treatment you get and how that is helping you. It needs at least three months of continuous reports on your condition so that it can properly assess the effects and longevity of it. 

If you have an event, such as a heart attack, the SSA may hold your case until it gets further information concerning the effects of the event. Typically, this means the SSA will continue to monitor your case without making a decision for about three months or up until it can accurately determine if it qualifies as a disability. You may have to undergo further testing to provide the SSA with the information that it needs. 

Remember that even if y our condition qualifies you for SSDI, you still must meet all the other requirements to get benefits.