Avoiding problems in a co-parenting arrangement

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Child Custody |

Kentucky parents want to do everything possible to protect the interests of their children after a divorce. One way some families do this is by opting for a co-parenting arrangement, allowing the kids to maintain strong relationships with each parent. This can be a way to provide continuity of lifestyle for the kids and a sense of stability, but it can also be difficult for two parents who just settled a difficult divorce.

Co-parenting can be a challenging custody arrangement. It requires that parents continue to work together to raise their children after the divorce is final. Typically, this means the two parents will share parenting time fairly, and the children will go between the two homes according to a set schedule. Parents will make important decisions for their kids together as well, such as deciding on school, health care needs and religious training. This can be emotionally difficult for two recently divorced parents still dealing with anger, sadness and other feelings.

Children should never feel that they are in the middle. Parents should avoid using the children to pass along messages or act as a go-between. If the two adults feel angry and a disputing is ongoing, they may want to delay talking until they can do so reasonably. Finally, consistency in schedules, changing between houses and handling issues with the children can make this type of custody plan better for all involved.

If Kentucky parents choose co-parenting, they may want to start by crafting a custody order than makes sense for their unique needs and objectives. Before making any final decisions that will affect their families for years to come, they may want to speak with an experienced legal ally. An assessment of their case can help provide clarity regarding the most beneficial custody option for their family.