Kentucky police say man had drugs in his hotel room

Kentucky police recently received a call from a hotel manager, who claimed to have found evidence of illegal drugs in one of the establishment’s rooms after a guest had checked out. The phone call prompted a police investigation that ultimately resulted in an arrest. While the man’s current criminal defense plans are unknown, police say he did ask during the arrest if he could plead guilty.

Investigators were watching the man as he left his hotel room

Police reportedly began surveillance to observe the man in question as he exited another hotel in the area. Officers say that after they saw him getting into a vehicle and leaving the scene, they smelled marijuana near the door of the room he had just exited. The officers report that they then requested a search warrant.

An unexpected encounter took place

Investigators claim that they were on the way to the man’s hotel room to execute the warrant when they encountered the man coming out of the room. Allegedly,  he tried to dart back into the room but the officers stopped him. The incident led to a search of the man‘s hotel room, where police claim to have found a substantial amount of methamphetamine.

Criminal defense support is crucial

Being convicted of drug charges in Kentucky or any other state often carries severe penalties, which is why it is always best for a person to request criminal defense assistance upon learning that he or she is under investigation. Every defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to present a defense. It is often possible to mitigate one’s circumstances, especially if there is legitimate cause to challenge evidence or request a case dismissal.