How do distractions impact truck accidents?

Dealing with a truck accident can leave you feeling nervous and confused. You may not realize the variety of distractions that lead to a trucker crashing into you.

Knowing about common hazards and distractions is one way to learn more about truck accidents.

Interesting views

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, bright billboards that light up at night and travelers on the side of the road can draw people’s eyes away from the cars around them. Not only can this create confusion for truckers who are unfamiliar with the area, but it can also lead to sideswiping.

Trucks are large enough vehicles that they cannot stop as quickly as cars or motorcycles. Truckers who take their eyes off the road for even a brief moment can cause a serious wreck.

Drifting mind

Whether you did not get enough sleep or are thinking about another topic entirely, you may look away from the road. Truckers who do this while on a busy highway or a back road can face serious problems if they miss a red light or a turn.

Fatigue can play a part in this distraction, since truckers may close their eyes if they are falling asleep while driving.


A trucker who tries to text or call someone while operating a vehicle is at risk of sideswiping or ramming into a smaller car or motorcycle near them. While they may assume they can safely look down for a few seconds, that small amount of time can mean the difference between braking or crashing into someone in another lane.

Learning about the ways distractions lead to injuries may help you if a truck causes an accident.