Statistics on traffic accident injuries

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Whether you have already sustained an injury in a traffic accident or you have concerns about the likelihood of a crash occurring, it is helpful to take a look at data on motor vehicle collisions. In fact, recent statistics shed light on the prevalence of traffic collision injuries as well as some of the characteristics of these accidents.

This data can help drivers identify potential hazards and stay safe behind the wheel. Furthermore, it serves as a reminder that if you have suffered an injury in an auto accident, you are not alone.

Traffic accident injury data

Statistics published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that over 1.5 million traffic collisions resulting in injuries occurred during 2020. This reflects a 17% decrease in comparison to 2019 when over 1.9 million traffic collisions caused injuries. Additionally, estimates place the number of people hurt on U.S. roads during 2020 at more than 2.2 million.

In addition to traffic accidents involving vehicles, many people also sustain injuries while walking or riding a bike.

Risks associated with traffic crash injuries

When it comes to traffic collisions, many factors require consideration. Accidents that occur at high speeds are more likely to result in serious injuries. Sadly, people continue to suffer injuries due to intoxicated drivers, those who use their phones on the road, bad weather and a variety of other reasons.

Whether you have had to miss work or you face other challenges due to an auto accident, if the collision occurred because of a reckless driver you need to hold them answerable.