Almost half of fatal teen crashes involve alcohol

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When Kentucky teenagers drink and drive, it poses significant risks not only to the young drivers but to everyone sharing the road. Alcohol is a factor in many car wrecks involving teenage motorists, and many such crashes could have been avoidable, had the driver not driven under the influence.

To combat this widespread issue, parents, educators and society at large must educate teenagers about the severe consequences of drinking and driving and promote responsible choices behind the wheel.

Increased risk of accidents

Teenagers lack experience and are prone to making impulsive decisions, especially when under the influence of alcohol. This inexperience, combined with impaired judgment and slower reaction times due to alcohol consumption, significantly increases the likelihood of accidents.

Impaired decision-making

Alcohol impairs cognitive functions, leading to impaired decision-making. Teenagers who drink and drive may underestimate the risks associated with their actions, such as the dangers of speeding or weaving between lanes. This impaired judgment can have dire consequences.

Influence on peers

Teenagers often influence each other, and when one chooses to drink and drive, it may encourage others to do the same. Peer pressure can lead to a domino effect of risky behavior, putting even more lives at risk.

Legal consequences

Teenagers caught drinking and driving may face legal repercussions, including fines, license suspension or even imprisonment. These legal troubles can have long-lasting effects on their future, impacting their education and employment opportunities.

Per the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, a teenager dies in a car crash every hour across the United States. Almost 50% of these fatal crashes involve alcohol.