Where are divorce cases handled in Kenton County, Kentucky?

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Kentucky had a 3.3 per 1,000 divorce rate in 2021. Every one of these cases went through the county clerk’s office in the county in which they lived.

When it comes to filing for divorce in Kenton County, individuals should learn where to file and how the process works. Having this information will make it much easier to start a divorce.

Kenton Circuit Court

In Kenton County, the Kenton Circuit Court handles divorce cases. This court is part of the Kentucky court system and is responsible for addressing various civil matters. Located in Covington, the county seat, this court is where an individual must go to file the divorce petition. It will handle the associated process as well.

The divorce process

To begin the divorce process in Kenton County, one spouse, known as the petitioner, must file a complaint. This document outlines the reasons for seeking a divorce and may address issues such as child custody, spousal support and property division. The filing spouse must serve or give the other spouse,  the respondent, with the divorce papers. The respondent then has the opportunity to respond to the allegations.

After filing the proper paperwork and ensuring both parties have the documents, the case moves forward through the Kenton Circuit Court system. The court will oversee various aspects of the divorce, including hearings, mediation and trial if necessary. Throughout this process, both parties must comply with court orders and provide any required documentation or information. The court will strive for fair and equitable solutions in the matter.

Divorce cases in Kenton County, Kentucky, always go through the Kenton Circuit Court. This central hub serves as the contact point for all matters in the case.