How can filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy improve your life?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2023 | Bankruptcy |

Thinking about filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy might feel scary and overwhelming. It is a big decision that can affect your life in many ways.

However, for some people, it can actually be a positive step towards a better financial future. In fact, according to the United States Courts, from September 2022 to the same time in 2023, the total number of personal bankruptcies rose 13%, and business bankruptcies rose 30%. When you are drowning in debt and cannot see a way out, Chapter 7 bankruptcy might offer the fresh start you need.

Relief from debt

The biggest benefit is getting relief from your debts. After you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the courts can wipe out most of your unsecured debts, like credit card bills and medical expenses. This means you no longer have to pay them, giving you a huge financial burden off your shoulders.

Automatic stay

When you file for bankruptcy, the court puts an automatic stay on your debts. This means creditors have to stop all collection activities, like calling you or suing you. This can give you peace of mind and stop the constant stress of dealing with collectors.

Chance to rebuild your credit

Filing for bankruptcy does hurt your credit score, but it also gives you a clean slate to start rebuilding it. Without the burden of unpaid debts, you can start fresh and work on building good credit habits, like paying bills on time and keeping balances low.

No more legal actions

Bankruptcy can also stop any legal actions against you related to your debts, like wage garnishments or foreclosures. This can help you keep your home and your income, making it easier to get back on your feet.

Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can actually improve your life in many ways. While it is a big decision and has some downsides, for many people, it is a step towards a more secure and stress-free financial future. Remember, sometimes the best way to move forward is to wipe the slate clean and start over.