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October 2019 Archives

Pitfalls for business owners in a divorce

Business owners in Kentucky may find their businesses in jeopardy if they get a divorce. A document known as a buy-sell agreement can set out the terms if one owner divorces. It might include how the business will be valued and how the divorcing partner's stake can be bought out. This can also protect other partners in the business. Without such an agreement, partners could find themselves in business with one of their ex-spouses.

When social media comes to family court

Social media is a major part of life for many people in Kentucky, and people who process major events in their lives on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram may wish to do the same thing when it comes to their divorces. Some studies indicate that heavy social media users are more likely to divorce or become unhappy in their marriages. When those divorces move forward, however, people may want to think twice about their posts, especially if they post to a public audience or to a widespread group of shared friends. After all, 81% of divorce attorneys say they have come across social media evidence worth introducing in court.

Penuptial agreements can protect ideas as well as assets

When matrimonial attorneys in Kentucky and around the country were polled in 2016, three in five of them said they were drafting more prenuptial agreements. What the survey did not reveal is that many of these prenuptial agreements were requested by individuals who wanted to protect their ideas rather than their assets. Entrepreneurs are usually dynamic individuals who are convinced that their business ventures will grow and thrive, and they may request prenuptial agreements to prevent the fruits of their labors being divided in a divorce settlement.

Divorcing couples have options for the family home

For many people who are going through divorce in Kentucky, the family home is the most valuable asset they own. In some cases, the couple sells the house in order to divide the proceeds in the divorce settlement. In other cases, especially those where the couple has children, one spouse buys out the other and keeps the house. Some of the steps are the same either way because the value of the home must be determined as part of the process.

Divorce linked to certain personality traits

People in Kentucky decide to divorce for a wide variety of reasons. Couples may struggle with financial stress, separation, infidelity or addiction, or they may simply grow apart. However, there are some common personality traits that have been frequently linked to divorce. There isn't any single reason for the end of almost any marriage, and each couple's story is unique. Still, if people are aware of problematic personality types and behavior, they can help their relationship survive by taking care to mitigate their effects on their partner.

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